At 21 years old and with 13 years of Karting at the highest level under his belt, Phillip Orcic has demonstrated to the world that he has what it takes to reach the highest levels of World Motorsport. At each stage of his Karting career he has stepped up to the plate and delivered the results from his first steps in Karting Mini to the World Series Karting Finals, and has the trophies and titles en masse to prove it. Competing internationally from the tender age of 12, Phillip has displayed an aptitude to win and succeed.

  • “Phillip will be making history in motor sport.”

    – Guido Piedade

  • “He clearly has the ability to progress a long way in motor racing.”

    – John Miller, Team Principal West – Tec Racing Team

  • “He will make it all the way to the pinnacle of motor sports.”

    Dino Chiesa Kart Supremo